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Smashing tool for industrial power machine - Systemyk and Setius...

Smashing tool for industrial power machine - Systemyk and Setius...
Systemyk are an Industrial Metal band from Kingston upon Hull that have been together for 5 years developing their own unique style as they go. Initially known as a strictly metal band 'Innocuous', after few line-up changes they turned towards more industrial and gothic style. Band's guitarist, Lee, coopearates with Mayones on endorsement basis using a mighty, all-black Setius GTM 6.
Systemyk recorded two demo albums: 'What makes me human' (2004) and 'The Victim' (2005) both produced by 'Greg Mackintosh' from Goth metal band 'Paradise Lost'.
Moving away from their softer approach to industrial goth, with the addition of electric drums and more aggressive vocal style, 'The Victim tour' put Sytemyk on the map. Systemyk then went on to record their third demo cd 'The truth reclaimed' in 2006 also produced by Greg Mackintoch. Knowing they had finally found their formula and were ready to move forward within "the music industry".
Systemyk sent that demo to the 'Independent record labels' and were picked up by 'Casket Records' and started recording in late 2006 their debut album 'Cross Contamination' at Philia Studios. After several successful tours accross UK and other European countries the band recording their second full-length album, traditionally produced by Greg Mackintosh to be released by 'Casket Records'.
Being in constant touch with our endorser, Greg Mackintosh, the guitarist of Systemik, Lee, decided to contact our company for an endorsement deal. After few email he decided to order Setius GTM 6 model with EMG 81+85 pickups in all-black monolith finish, with two SKull knobs and own signature inscription in the truss rod cover.
"I found using the Setius to be the most well balanced guitar I have used" - claims Lee - "It sits so comfatably throughout the whole live set. I found that on stage I don't have to deal with any feedback from the backline and the tones I get are amazing. The setius has changed the way in which I write guitar parts now giving me more scope. This means that heading into the studio I have a lot more to play with in the way of tonal quality and also sustain, as a result both the heavier parts are more crushing and the melodic much clearer."
"As well as sounding and feeling great to play it also looks awsome which always helps. We have done some pre production and things sound better then ever so I cant wait to get in the studio to do my full guitar parts with fellow Mayones endorsee Greg Mackingtosh producing as he knows what the Setius can do. The album will be released on Casket music this summer 2009 under the title "Reward for obidience".
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